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Investment advisory mandate

The investment advisory mandate is dynamic and interactive. It is ideal if you are very familiar with financial markets, or if you wish to make the most of tailored investment recommendations across all asset classes, whilst continuing to make investment choices and decisions for yourself.

Advisory mandates offer the following benefits:

  • Proactive investment advice
  • Regular investment suggestions, tailored to your individual goals
  • Analyses from our Research Department
  • Regular analysis of your portfolio and reports detailing asset allocations

Investment advice tailored to your profile

At the start of the investment process, you are categorised according to one of three investment profiles: Wealth Preservation, Wealth Enhancement or Wealth Generation. Each of these categories responds to precise return criteria and investment horizons.

  • The Wealth Preservation profile aims to preserve capital whilst achieving higher returns than the money market, it favours bonds as an investment vehicle.
  • The Wealth Enhancement profile aims to grow capital on a five-year investment horizon using a broad diversification across all asset classes.
  • The Wealth Generation profile seeks out significant growth in the capital invested on an investment horizon of at least seven years. There is often a high exposure to risk assets.


Many of our clients are first or second generation professionals and entrepreneurs. Their backgrounds are diverse, yet all share a determination to preserve and protect their wealth for the long term.
We consider it our duty to honor that commitment by delivering the very best money management and strategic wealth planning solutions, while respecting and serving the confidential and private nature of this process. Our clients' trust is our greatest reward, and it is our privilege to earn it today and for future generations.

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