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Confidential portfolio management is a service whereby funds or securities are professionally managed by an investment specialist on behalf of, and in the interests of, the client.

Main advantages of confidential portfolio management:

Asset management is available for both individuals and companies. The general pattern of asset management for private clients, banks and organisations is the same.

The stock and derivatives market provides the opportunity for making a large profit, but the risk is multiplied. Risk and profitability are the main determiners for working on the stock market and these same factors must be taken into account when choosing a confidential portfolio management strategy with General Invest (Switzerland) AG.


The quality and process of any portfolio management is not linked to the size of the portfolio and this does not signify inequality between clients with a difference in portfolio size. Investors can withdraw funds wholly or in part at almost any time (which points to the product's high liquidity) or change their strategy.

The professionalism of the staff at General Invest (Switzerland) AG, the transparency of the investment process and the support provided in all aspects of confidential investment management give each and every client the chance to make the decision that is right for them

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