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What we do? A fixed income solution.

Lauched in 2008, Mikro Kapital is an asset management company specialized in the use of microfinance techniques for investing in small businesses across emerging areas of the world, especially in Russia and Russian-connected countries, Central and East Asia, and Latin America. Mikro Kapital operates through two SPVs, technically Found Commun de Placement : Mikro Fund and Alternative Fund. The idea behind Mikro Kapital is to finance small businesses in emerging areas of the world at the current rates, gathering funds from European institutional and qualified private investors, through the issue of bonds (EMTNs) in Luxembourg, with an appealing and competitive yield and a short maturity.

What we offer it’s private debt in the form of EMTN bond. Mikro Fund and Alternative Fund differ for the geographical exposure. Portfolio construction is consistent and the same for both of them, they adopt the same due diligence and credit process.


In the Emerging Markets there is a real need to improve the life trend by reducing the gap with the developed world. Our goal, in the countries in which we have operated during the Group's 10 years of activity, was precisely to support credit worthy SMEs, with a high growth potential and significant social impact, since they are at the base of socio-economic development.

Current Parameters

MIKRO BOND – exposure to Russia and Belarus

ALTERNATIVE BOND – exposure to Moldova, Armenia, Romania, Italy, Tajikistan, Indonesia and Central America

Please contact our sales representative to confirm the above parameteres

Characteristic of our bonds: Risk/Reward analisys

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